Divided by different path’s, connected through tragic incidents, assembled for one cause, these seven individuals have united to guard the secret of the Nano X 21 projects from coming to light, and to suppress evil in their own fashions from destroying River City.

Black American
Mid 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

Donovan Gregory



            Medical Doctor            



Abilities: Genius-level Intellect, Photographic Memory, Use of high-tech equipment, weapons, armors, & gadgets cyberpathic link with Nano-machines in his body that allows him to have increased speed, agility, strength, endurance, regenerative properties. Uses a self developed device that emits a passive negative magnetic polarity causing bullets to lose there trajectory when being fired at him hence the name Mr. Untouchable Superhuman intuitive talent at inventing

      Donovan Gregory grew up the youngest of three brothers that were destined to make a impact on their city, each in their own way. Donny started the road to his success at an early age when his love for technology was shown in his curiosity. He would take apart electronic gifts he was given, inspected how they worked then put them back together. His interest in technology became purpose driven once he came of age and realized the seriousness of his mother terminal sickness, Hemachromatosis. Donny immediately began research on the illness while also attempting to develop theoretical devices and medical equipment that would help his mother recover. Though his intentions were hopeful his timing was unfortunately late, his mother died leaving him with his middle brother Erick. The two were orphaned with their mothers passing, the absence of their father and not knowing the whereabouts of their oldest brother that ran away when they were toddlers.

      That's when Gabriel, an investor on the rise immediately gains interest in Donny inventions and takes him under his wing funding his project's allowing Donny to instantly become a millionaire. Now as a young successful scientist developing ground breaking medical and security technology that revolutionizes his hometown Rivercity, life was looking good. Until his mentor Gabriel, secretly began altering his prototypes to weaponize them in order to sell to the highest bidder. Donny regretfully discovers Gabriel true motives, confronts him, and is nearly killed. With the help of his nanytes invention he cr  Betrayed and left for dead, Donny decides to take on two new identities, Lucius Pierre a local Doctor at Legacy Hospital and Mr. Untouchable a night vigilante targeting Gabriel under handed dealings. Before being presumed died Donavon hid large sums of money he saved up out of Gabriel knowledge in order to gain independence from Gabriel's control, while also having a private estate built on the coast of Rivercity Beach Area.



Rivals: Kronos & Prestige

Love Interest: D.C. & Furia


                       Vice Unit

Iron Lady  

Black Italian
Mid 20’s
Grey Eyes
Brown Hair

160 lbs
Athletic Gymnast

Tiziana Lee

Rivals: Blaise, Encantada,

& Lady Merciless


Abilities: Electric Manipulation, Electromagnetic Phenomena, Super Conduction Manipulation, Electrical Manipulation, Interacts with wireless communications

Weapon: Wristbands that fire Carbon Nanotube Titanium Wire. Tiziana electrifies and uses them as a Whip or Taser.

Notes: At times Tiziana uses her wristband wire for quick travel by grappling buildings or to grapple enemies from a distance.

Love Interest: Mr. Untouchable

      Tiziana is a mixed raced military brat, born and briefly raised abroad until her Father last assignment landed her back state side in Rivercity. Upon her arrival she struggled to fit in with average american living and culture. While trying to adjust to her new environment, Tiziana attempted to find happiness in her love for gymnastics. Then she met a boy from her neighborhood that became her best friend, Donovan.       

As Tiziana friendship with Donavon grew she secretly began to have a crush on him. Despite her growing popularity in school and his introvert nerdy persona she was attracted to his intellect. Growing up with Donavon and Erick, Tiziana was like a third wheel to the brother duo while being an enforcer for Donavon standing up for him against bullies that would pick on him for his intellect. Though being by Donavon side as he began to rise in the ranks of social status at a young age and he never allowing her a chance to want for anything, the two would always flirt on the edge of a relationship but never established one.

    While Donavon became a member of the 1 percent, Tiziana attended the Naval Academy finishing top in her class after an injury ended her gymnastic ambitions. After serving her term in the Navy as an E.O.D. operator she later came home to take the route of joining the Rivercity Police Department. As a patrol officer for the R.P.D Tiziana did her duty to the fullest until she was nearly killed by Blaise and Phoenix when Blaise attempted to explode her car while she was still in it. Nearly escaping the explosion, Tiziana was saved by the rain dousing the flames that burned her. Clinging on to her life she was rushed to the hospital and treated for her wounds.

    Donavon makes a desperate decision and secretly injects her with Project Titan Nano-machines he just stole from Grey labs to save her. The Nanites immediately go to work repairing her tissue, healing her 3rd degree burns and bonding with her nervous system as she hangs on to what life she had left.  With Tiziana speedy recovery she became the first successful test subject of the enhanced Nano-X 21 project, also granting her with new abilities. After surviving her incident she is promoted to detective and secretly uses her powers to solve cases while assuming an alternate identity of Direct Current (DC) where she takes justice into her own hands as a vigilante while on duty.


Matthew Ragans

280 lbs

Black Caribbean
Mid 30’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

                                    Black Ops

Special Forces



Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Can Shape-shift his body into Deadly weapons, Healing possesses peak human abilities: strength, speed, agility, stamina, dexterity, reflexes, and healing factor. Can create a hard rock like skin armor Ability to mimic any form of Mineral

Weapon: Self Created from Shapeshifting.


Matthew Ragans was born in the Caribbean but raised in Rivercity. In a effort to escape his poor background and avoid typical stereotypes Matthew joined the Army and progressed his career from enlisted infantry to Special Forces to Delta Force. But when he is deployed on a mission set to be a failure,  Matthew is left the only survivor and is dishonorably discharged due to a covert mission and not being able to confirm the specifics of the mission officially.

    Now kicked out of the military with no job and no one to turn to he aimlessly searches for a new direction in his life, while trying to find employment. After leaving a late interview, that he wasn't even seen for a janitor position, near Grey Towers he attempts to stop a robbery in progress by Dreik. While in pursuit of Dreik, the Grey tower falls on Matthew and Drake incapacitating them and allowing remnants from the Nano X project to bond to their bodies.

    Once recovered from the wreckage Mathew, awakes to find himself being geld against his will in a recovery program initiated by the Grey Institute to test what effects Project Titan has had on him. Matthew discovers that he has gained the abilities from the incident and spends his time in solitary confinement attempting to understand them. Matthew, alongside some of the other imprisoned test subjects, uses their abilities to escape while the facility suffers electrical and security problems due to a virus Mr. Untouchable plants in the facility system to access records.

     After regaining his freedom he goes in to seclusion roaming the the streets as a homeless person using his newfound abilities to clean up the violence and drugs that have taken over his urban neighborhood.

Rivals: Phoenix. The Strikers, The Stripes & wilds Gangs

Love Interest: Elemental


Kiyoko Soto


120 lbs

Early 20’s
Black Eyes
Black Hair

                                    Black Ops

Special Forces



Rivals: Lady Merciless & Blaise

Love Interest: Streetz

Abilities: Transmutation into a wide variety of elemental compounds

Weapon: Chemical Projectiles she produce

    Kiyoko Soto was a young Japanese prodigy that drew the attention of Gabriel during a business trip to Japan. Before heading back stateside Gabriel recruits Kiyoko as a foreign exchange intern for the Grey Institute. With Kiyoko arrival to Rivercity she becomes the pupil of Donovon Gregory, during the peak of his young career before he disappears of the map to the known public.

    While keeping to herself and focusing on her studies she devotes every second of her life to her work with the chemical elements of earth and how they can fully help the human race naturally. After the presumed lost of Donavon Gregory, Kiyoko then moves up the ranks in the Grey Wing's Institute becoming lead scientist at the Atlantic Ocean Floor Laboratory.

    After the Grey Tower incident Downtown she is given responsibility over the Project Titan casualties that are transferred to her facility. Reluctant about the forced experimentation of Titan Project test subjects, Kiyoko is purposely pushed by Valette, into a tank engulfing her into the Nano-X nanites used for Project Maelstrom. Now forced under containment as a test subject herself after the escape of the original test subjects during the security breach, Kiyoko at first is terrified of the abilities she has acquired with no understanding of how she developed them.

    As time passes and she is liberated from the Maelstrom facility during Foxx and Mr. Untouchable assault on the underwater facility. Kiyoko lives in seclusion in an attempt to learn the extent of her abilities, while occasionally helping people and animal life she cross that found themselves in danger.


福克斯 (FOXX)

Late 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair



120 lbs


Man-yi Li





Abilities: Master Martial Artist, Swordsman and Marksman 1st Generation Bio Enhancer Stealth Suit grants Superhuman speed, stamina, strength agility, flexibility and reflexes fighting style is almost surgical in its precision he isn't a messy fighter. Just quick, clean, and efficient.

Weapon: Arm Plasma Blade & Katana


Rivals: Kronos & Inferno Twins

Love Interest: Encantada

    Born illegally due to the One Child Policy in China Man-yi was forced to grow up in a state-sponsored orphanage. Having to learn the art of survival in the overcrowded orphanage, Man-yi was quick to gain the nickname Foxx due to his slyness. One day when he was cornered by young Triad thugs for stealing, Man-yi caught the attention of a government official that witnessed his evasive untrained fighting style and natural elusive ability to humiliate the Triad Thugs.
    The government official takes Man-yi from the orphanage and enrolls him into a covert military program that trains kids from childhood to adulthood to become the perfect soldier. Foxx lives up to his name during his indoctrination process excelling in every, test, training and task placed upon him. Now as a Master Assassin and top class agent for the Chinese government, there is only one rule to live by (never miss your mark). Foxx having grew up an orphan has never had any hang ups with the lifestyle he chose nor any doubts.

    When Gabriel fails to produce what he has promised for the Chinese government they send Foxx to terminate him, collect all files on Project Titan and eliminate any evidence connecting the Chinese government to his dealings. Foxx was the Chinese most valuable asset until he broke the only rule while trying to execute Gabriel, during Project Maelstrom when he’s stopped by Mr. Untouchable. Engaging in a fight with Mr. Untouchable causes Foxx to result in his back up plan detonating bombs to flood the facility.

    While trying to escape the flooding underwater lab he is distracted by trying to save Kiyoko after witnessing her torment while infiltrating the facility. With time running short Foxx ends up getting stuck by collapsing debris when he is saved by Mr. Untouchable and allowed to take the last escape pod with Kiyoko for the two to escape. But, in saving Kiyoko, Foxx failed to secure the files on Project Titian and he doesn't confirm Gabriel demise. light refracting nano fiber

    When Foxx Government discover his failure, he is in return targeted by his government. Though he lost his purpose doing his life's work that day he gained a new purpose falling for Kiyoko. But with his dark past he chooses not to pursue anything with Kiyoko because of the fear of Karma with his darkness corrupting her pure innocent soul.


DR. Dream

Dr. Cara Sampson

Caucasian American
Early 30’s

Blue Eyes
Blonde Brunette Hair



130 lbs

Swimsuit Model





Abilities: Heal someone of any illness or injury but in turn takes on said illness or injury herself which her body can recover from over a period of time depending on its severity. Tae Kwon Do can transform herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. Among the many energy forms she has assumed are cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, electricity, infrared radiation, microwaves, radio waves and neutrinos.

Weapon: Short Swords & Knives


   Dr. Cara Sampson began her medical career in the Navy as a Corpsman,  where she served most of her time in Afghanistan, and Iraq. While deployed she gained the nickname “Dream” from soldiers lives she would save. They told her as the woke up during procedure it felt like they were dreaming of an angel saving them.

    Now, honorably discharged from the military, Cara is world renown surgeon at Legacy Hospital in Rivercity. Stuck in her firm belief in logic and science she begins to slowly lose her composure, goes into a deep depression and turn to getting high on drugs as her time spent in the military begins to haunt her.

    With Cara life quickly spiraling down matters become worst when she loses a patient that just so happen to be a leader of one of Rivercity notorious gangs causing her to doubt her abilities since its been so long since she's lost someone in surgery. Cara life is immediately changed on the night Project Gateway opens wormholes across the city causing the mysterious person Asad, to fall from the sky and land in front of her car while she was leaving the hospital.

    As Cara dodges her car from running over Asad, she gets in a brief accident causing minor injuries before rushing over to assist the stranger. Cara high off drugs attempt to help the stranger forgetting to put protective gear on which allows his blood to be exposed to her injuries. She quickly drags him to her car and rushes him to the Hospital where Trey assists her and takes over from there.

    To Make matters worst, the Gang Leader patient brother follows Cara home after leaving the hospital again and has his pitbull dogs attack her and leaves her for dead. Unaware that Asad was a visitor from another solar system of a more advanced race she is saved as his blood fuses with hers, healing her fatal wounds and granting her with healing abilities. 

Notes: Even loss of limb, appendage, deep cuts, gun shots, and wounds.  The tissue from her body literally is transplanted to them to replace what they have lost. Do to this side effect, it could lead to a dramatic end for her where she sacrifices herself to heal another for the greater good.

Rivals: Le Sang

Love Interest: John Doe



Middle Eastern
Early 20’s
Black Eyes
Black Hair

200 lbs
Athletic Sprinter





Love Interest: Dr. Dream

Rivals: All Gangs, International Syndicates

Abilities: Superhuman, Strength, Speed, Senses, Endurance, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Flight, Multiple Extrasensory, Born Cybernetic, Result from being in a richer earth atmosphere and from a planet where they use the full potential of their brains and have longer day cycles

John Doe

        Native to the planet Eden, located in a distant galaxy unknown to the inhabitance of Earth, the individual they will come to know as Asad was instantly teleported to Rivercity after the chain reaction of wormholes opened during Project Gateway. While on patrol as a Defense Pilot Member of the United Galactic Council (U.G.C), Asad spacecraft was pulled into a singularity during his attempt to save his wingman Haleem, from the gravitational pull.

    As the two partners spacecraft enter the singularity the gravitational pull begins to disintegrate all nonorganic matter stripping Asad and Haleem down to their bare skin before sending them out of two separate  wormholes leading to Earth. Haleem exit is unknown while Asad exits the wormhole over Rivercity unconscious and falling from the sky. As he hits the land Asad is hit by Dr. Cara Sampson car immediately as she attempts to dodge him.
    Once Cara checks on Asad she drags him to her car, takes him to the Hospital and ask Lucius for assistance. When Cara leaves to get her mind together after the accident, Lucius moves John Doe to his secret headquarters under the Hospital when he realizes John Doe internal physiology is different then that of known humans.

    While Lucius analyzes Asad He notice that Asad begins to heal naturally and his scan detects nano-machines flowing in his blood stream but are more advanced then the Nano-X 21 project. When Asad fully recovers, he wakes not remembering who he is or where he comes from. Against his better judgement Lucius release Asad to follow him and see how he reacts to the foreign world he has traveled to.

    Shortly after leaving he begins to realize his senses are sensitive to Earth atmosphere and goes into seclusion to discover the extent of his physiology adjustment to Earth’s atmosphere. Stuck in his ways as a former pilot he takes watch over his now adopted home Rivercity and help people where he can.