Living In The Grey Has No Rules, No Boundaries, & No Guilt

Affected by the nanytes, driven by the situations where they encountered, they live for one cause, these six individuals only answer to themselves, and seek vengeance on those that have wronged them in Rivercity and abroad by any means.

They Are The Line Between Good & Evil



Abilities:Highly Skilled Martial Artist  Telekinesis, Telepathy, Precognition, Empathy tough as steel. Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic link into that individual's mind


            Medical Doctor            



Mid 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

130 lbs
Swimsuit Model

Celestina Lopez

Love Interest: Mr. Untouchable

Rivals: D.C. & The Puppeteer

     Daughter of a farmer, Celestina was ready to get out and explore the world instead of living the simple life on a farm. One day after an argument with her father, Celestina sneaks out of the house with some of her friends and goes to town to a party. While at the party her and her friend’s are marked, drugged and kidnapped. Once kidnapped she was sold into the international sex trade and bounced around the world due to her high value because of her beauty and virginity. Having finally been purchased by her last highest bidder she is transported to his yacht off the coast of Rivercity.

    Celestina now in the sights of a Saudi business man preparing to take her virginity from her on his yacht after paying a high cost for, the events of Project Maelstrom interrupts his assault and grants her the opportunity to kill him and attempt an escape when the ship ends up with extensive damage and sinks. However with the Nano-X 21 project intertwined with the Maelstrom that is engulfing the ship, Celestina becomes the next victim of Project Titan. Alone and drowning in the Atlantic, Mr. Untouchable saves her during his ascension to the surface. The nanites quickly bond with Celestina purging the water from her lungs.

    When Celestina awakens in Mr. Untouchable secret lab she immediately jumps on the offensive when she sees Mr. Untouchable accessing her. Nearly throwing Mr. Untouchable across the lab without touching him, she discovers she has changed and now have abilities. After Celestina Calms down and tells Trey her story, he provides her with the means to get back home to her father.

    Upon her return she is devastated to find out her father was killed after repeatedly looking into the local drug cartel dealings to find out what happen to his daughter. Enraged Celestina seeks out a personal agenda to destroy the cartel using her new abilities. Once finished with her business in Brazil Celestina retraces her travels while she was being traded around the world, with the go to kill the organizations that were involved and find her friends that were taken with her. Once in acting her revenge she returns to Rivercity to start a new life then assumes the identity “Furee” and begins killing men that take advantage of females.

    After Trey discovers Furee new persona and what she has been doing as vigilante, he buys a vacant building and provides Celestina with the funds to take in orphaned, troubled and formerly abducted girls to help rehabilitate them and offer them a new life. Celestina overwhelmed with Trey gesture accepts it and calms down from killing offenders. She now focuses on those she take in while secretly cares Trey. Celestina uses her Girls home to train the girls and creates a sort of secret society for females in rivercity. Though she assured Trey she would stop her deadly vigilante work she creates a female network called the “Sirens” that secretly continues the fight for female justice.

Early 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

110 lbs


            Medical Doctor            



Maria "Maganda" Makiling

Abilities: Contortionist, Enhanced Speed, Teleportation Agility, Strength, Master Wind Dance Fighter, Stealthy, Illusions, Mind Control, Venom & Panacea tipped nails and Secretions

Weapon: Dual Tonfa-styled Blades

The Verve


Love Interest: Foxx

Rivals: D.C.

Notes: Can control the Venom & Panacea in her nails and from the glands in her lips, saliva, & teeth

Maria Makiling was born in a secluded Abu Sayyaf terrorist camp where her father was, leader of the Islamic Fundamentalism organization in Philippines. As she grew, she gained the name “Maganda” for her sweet personality and unmeasurable beauty. Trained with the other followers of the camp and educated to become a covert agent, Maganda proved herself deadly as much as she was elegant. Expected to become one of her father’s elite agents, Maganda never accepted the life she inherited. Though raised as a seductive assassin, she managed to develop a love for music and became quite the guitarist.

    During her free time she would sneak away from the compound, going to the nearest city to perform her songs, where she met an american soldier that stole her heart. Being defiant to her father Maganda, willing falls in love with the american soldier and flee's from her father's tyranny to America. After marrying the Soldier to escape her father’s evil, she then in return becomes evil after becoming a victim of her circumstances.

    Once in America, she discover the soldier true intentions when he turns her over to a CIA Blacksite for questioning about her father organization. Now a unrecognized prisoner of war, and realizing her father’s radical beliefs she assumes her true persona Encantada, as she uses her training to escape the blacksite. After liberating herself from the CIA Black site, she heads to Grey Tower in Rivercity seeking, Gabriel’s assistance with helping her return home due his dealings with her father.

    With a plan in mind her timing is unfortunate when she arrives just as Grey Tower is collapsing, causing her to become one of the three surviving casualties that are exposed to Project Titan remnants. As she awakens in the Atlantic Ocean Site she is unaware of her newly acquired abilities due to there latent nature. However, when Encantada, escapes with Dreik and Matthew she is in awe as she notices adverse effects to the guards she takes out. Now free from Grey Enterprises and the C.I.A. Encantada reassumes her purpose using the training her rathe instilled in her along with her new found abilities to terrorize men and bring fear to the United States War Horse and its Allies. 


            Medical Doctor            



Abilities: Cold, ice, and water manipulation, ability to assume an enhanced physical form made of solid ice or liquefied water

Weapon: Ice Hammer Axe


Madam Hagel

Nicole Heinrich

German - Cameroonian   
Late 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

120 lbs

Rivals: Lady Merciless

    Daughter of a former associate of Gabriel and Donovan, Nicole was an adventurous archaeologist and world explorer. Though she shared a close relationship with her father, Nicole was unaware of her father deceit injecting her with the the nano X 21 nanytes. While on a mountain climbing trip with her father Valette attempts to kill them by firing a missile at the mountain causing a avalanche.


    With her father being killed in the avalanche, Nicole survives clinging on to life trapped in a cavern. Left alone in the ice cavern she slowly dies of hypothermia causing the nanytes to manifest for her to survive. When she awakens she discovers she has changed and now have abilities. She uses her new abilities to escape the cavern and make her way back to civilization.
    Upon her return she is devastated to find out her father was killed in what appears to be an assassination by Gabriel. Enraged Nicole seeks out a personal agenda to destroy Gabriel Wings International using her new abilities. Once finished with her business in Europe, Nicole returns to Rivercity to start a new life then assumes the identity “Madam Hagel”.

Ace King



Abilities: Super Escape Artist, Genius-level intelligence, Voice mimicry, Trained computer hacker, Pattern recognition, Photographic reflexes, Access to hi-tech equipment, Master of Disguise, Apophenia, Master tactician and strategist, Absolute time sense, Master Martial Artist

Weapon: “Magic Wand” Expands into staff, divides into Dual Batons, Opens Wormholes leading to the Stasis pods located at his Headquarters 

Illusionist          Genius

Love Interest:

Rivals: Everyone

Mid 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

180 lbs

    Son of the Great and Magnificent Magician Augustus King, Ace excelled at every task as a child to life up to his father legacy. Following in his father footsteps Ace became the youngest magician to earn his own show in Las Vegas at the age 12. As Rivercity glamour ended up trumping Las Vegas, Ace and Augustus moved their acts to the newly built Grey Wings Tri-Tower Casino. Now an adult, Ace grows tired of the his redundant lifestyle and begins testing his physical and mental limits. After succeeding in every test he placed upon himself he withdraws from acts and goes into seclusion.

    It wasn’t until the first incident with the fall of Grey Tower that set off a switch in Ace that drove him mad. During the incident his father and former show assistant, Nikola whom he loved, were casualties taking Augustus life and leaving leaving Nikola in a coma. The tragedy of the event turned his life purpose to finding out the truth behind the event. Ace begin hacking the Grey Institute files and discovers the secrets of Projects Titan, Maelstrom, and Gateway. He then begins studying the projects in their entirety, devising a plan to use the projects against those that took the two people he love from him.

    As time past, he learns of Liltera blogs about the Shadow Crisis and decides to target everyone tainted with the Nano-X 21 nanites. Ace takes control of the abandoned Maelstrom site 2 located under the river in the center of Rivercity. With his new base of operation, Ace restores Project Gateway and fuses it with stasis pods. After years of preparation Ace takes on the name “Prestige", deriving from the principle for the finale of a trick or illusion that magicians perform. Prestige immerses himself in his new identity executing his plans in the fashion his name mean.     Prestige is the third part of a of 3 part act. First the pledge, where the audience is presented with an ordinary object; Second the turn, where the object is turned into something extraordinary; and third the prestige, where the object is brought back.

    Prestige uses this concept to executes his crimes of grander in 3 stages to build up the anxiety of his victims and pursuers on both sides of the Shadow Crisis, good and evil. Out of desperation in an attempt to defeat him, Mr. Untouchable, Desperado, & Kronus team up with combatants of the Shadow Crisis, to throw his tactics and predictions off. Once they defeat him. Kronus double cross Desperado and Mr. Untouchable and injects Prestige with the nanites to attempt to control him and it backfires on him when he regains consciousness.


Abilities: Shapeshifting cyborg composed of   nano-robotics that is slowly converting his human fluids to liquid metal that allows it to assume the form of other objects (commonly knives and stabbing weapons) or people. Technopathy with nano machines allow him to create short range firearms out of his arms


Politician       Philosopher
                   Cybernetic          Family Man

Erick Gregory

Black American
Mid 20’s
Brown Eyes
Black Hair

180 lbs

Rivals: Everyone

Erick Gregory the middle of the three brothers, grew up with the responsibility of taking care of his dying mother and younger brother in the absence of his older brother and father. At a early age Erick begin to see that it wasn’t just people that were the problem with how hard times were, but also policy. After the death of his mother he made it goal to follow the path of public service as he slowly worked his way up the political chain from Councilman to Mayor and eventually Governor.
    Erick sought to change his hometown through policy by having faith in the system unlike his oldest brother Gabriel, and he succeed which lead to his untimely murder. Still unaware of his blood connection with Gabriel, Erick was pushed into a corner after the arrival of Mr. Untouchable to Rivercity. Gabriel in an attempt to draw Mr. Untouchable out after his repeated interruption of his private affairs, confronts Erick under his underground alias Kronos and reveals to Erick they are brothers. Gabriel goes on to confess to Erick just as he eliminated Donavon for standing in his way he was doing so with Erick for the continued legal interference with Gabriel agendas. Gabriel throws Erick off the city hall building after Mr. Untouchable doesn't show.
    As he falls to his death, all Erick thinks about is his family before impacting the ground decapitating arm and a leg and cracking his skull from the force. While laying on the asphalt lifeless, the prototype nanites go to work on repairing his tissue and preserving his life by continuing his heart beat at a low rate. After being pronounced dead and buried the nanites finish the healing process and Erick awakes in his coffin.

    Now filled with hate and revenge he digs his way out of his grave and goes to Luicius for help. Lucius in awe of Erick survival, uses the parts he used to build Edie on Erick as prosthetic limbs and conduct a deeper analysis on Erick nanites. Erick now forged have man, half machine, Erick refuses to allow his wife and children see him in his cyborg state. Instead, he takes on a new identity as “Desperado” to seek his revenge on Kronos and other gangs that threatens the city progress by destroying it through drugs, and corruption by any means necessary.


Kobe Badu Koomson

West African
late 30’s
Hazel Eyes
Black Hair

200 lbs
Distant Runner Fit

Ex-Child Soldier         Priest
  Subject 0                
            Concerned Citizen

Love Interest: Blaise

Rivals: Le Sang


Abilities: Nano machines bonded with rods and cones in his blinded eyes allowing him to see different spectrums of light, Superhuman senses, Master Martial artist, gymnast, and acrobat, Healing Enhanced synesthesia The ability to see sound waves as light and Echolocation Ability to determine location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves, whether generated by the character or ambient sound.

    Born in West Africa, where children were kidnapped from their homes in the war ridden land of Sierra Leone and forced to become soldiers for tyrant Warlords, Tarrick Macintosh was liberated from forced lifestyle when he went blinded from a from a grenade blast. Left in the field by his fellow small boy unit, Tarrick was blessed to be saved by a local mission that would aid children soldier after battles.
    Separated from the brainwashing warlords, Tarrick decided to take the path of ministry. Years have passed and the boy has grown into a man, Tarrick meets Donavon during a visit to the Grey Wings Institute to tell his story and ask for medical aid for his return to Africa. Donavon inspired by his story decides to inject Tarrick with the first operational version of the Nano-X 21 project. With the intent of enhancing Tarrick senses and test the system on a dependent subject Donavon gains not only a willing unique test subject but a trusted friend.
    Now Injected with the Nano-X 21 Project, Tarrick heads back to Africa to continue his mission work. but when his convoy comes under attack and he is nearly killed he becomes the first subject to experience the bonding process of the nanites to his nervous system. Not only did the Nano-machines bonded with the rods and cones in his blinded eyes allowing him to see to see different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, they also increased his speed, strength, healing process and other senses.

    Now with his newfound abilities he heads straight to the camp wear the Warlord is and liberate the children and kills the adults that have manipulated the helpless children for years. Ashamed for taking a life after devoting his life to God, Tarrick returns to Rivercity and informs Donavon of what happened to him. Tarrick then goes to his cathedral and devotes his life to the ministry awaiting his time when God has called on him to use the abilities he was blessed with for good.   

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