When a savant inventor has his inventions exploited by his malicious investor, he creates a saboteur persona to neutralize the threat's his project's pose in the wrong hands.


From the minds of local Jacksonville writer/creator Vince Loc, co-creator Corry Britton and illustrator Savy Lim comes Visionary Legacy Saga "The Catalyst" action series. The Catalyst is a futuristic sci-fi action series that follows a revolutionary inventor, Donovan Gregory, that has created nano machines that unexpectedly evolve humans. Once his investor, Gabriel Gralyn, learns of his discovery, Donovan is forced to become the last line of defense against the menacing tyrant hell bent on civilization evolving by any means necessary. Vince looks to develop a multicultural diverse series, while bringing forth a new set of character rich heroes, and villains. With the recent release of the series first Novel and a Novel/Graphic Novel combo set to release in 2020, Vince intends to push this project as a Super Story with an extended Transplatform storytelling experience. He hopes to accomplish this through the use of short films, animations, toy products, and with the support of a growing fan base eventually the big screen.


Vince looks to bring a fresh story of heroes and villains set in a society during a technological renaissance. With the growing controversy of diversity in comics, novels, and films, Vince hopes to set a new tone in an effort to revolutionize the entertainment industry.


What's special about The Catalyst is its diversity in story and characters. It eliminates the stereotypical heroes versus villains story arcs of justice, vengeance, and plans of conquering the world as we establish characters of circumstance compelled by real life situations that shape them.


The Catalyst is set in the near future where the world is sculpted by a rapid progression in technology. Our main character Donovan Gregory is at the center of progression becoming a millionaire over night with his breakthrough inventions. However, his investor, Gabriel Gralyn, has ulterior motives of his own to rush humanity into its evolution. After realizing some inventions he created are a blessing and a curse under the wrong control Donovan begins destroying blueprints and notes before resigning his position under Gabriel. Unwilling to let Donovan walk away from everything they've built, Gabriel forces Donovan to reveal the catalyst to his most sacred creation. However, when Donovan attempts to flee he is fatally wounded in the commotion. Presumably deceased, Donovan changes his identity and creates the persona Mr. Untouchable arming himself with his unreleased projects. With his new persona, Donovan plans to sabotage Gabriel's efforts to foolishly thrust human evolution before its time.